Unleash your IMPACT and income

Grow your sustainable business, without sacrificing your time or values

Create Revenue Streams

without working MORE hours!

Grow your ‘feel good’ efficient business – without sacrifice!

How many times have you felt like this?

Your vision is awesome – making a huge positive impact on your clients and their wellbeing, enjoying the incredible freedom of running a sustainable business – aligned with your values.

Xcel with Mahnaz - increase productivity

But you’re not there yet. Something is getting in the way!

  • Frustrated that the only way to make more money is by giving up more time?
  • Exhausted working more hours and worried about burnout?
  • Have you tried cookie-cutter business plan approaches that don’t feel like the authentic you?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure of the best way to use your precious time productively?
  • Are you struggling to know what steps to take to make your vision a reality?
Xcel with Mahnaz - Business Mentoring

If only there was a way to:

  • know exactly how to connect your “day to day” to your vision and goals – to create an impact
  • work with a rhythm and strategy that allows you to work LESS and achieve MORE
  • scale up your sustainable business without compromising on your time and lifestyle
  • take action like an empowered CEO of a successful biz so you can spend more time doing what you love

Hi, I’m Mahnaz…

and I’m dedicated to helping wellness solopreneurs with business productivity and strategy – to help you create TIME, BALANCE and experience EMPOWERMENT as the CEO of a successful, efficient, sustainable business!

Xcel with Mahnaz is all about developing strategies and taking practical steps to give you the time, confidence and headspace to grow your online presence – in line with your values.

I’ve developed a unique programme designed for women to generate semi-passive income with online services that are authentic and in alignment with their PURPOSE.

As a former financial analyst and a small business owner, I’ve been there working all the hours for not much reward. In fact working harder as a solopreneur has led me here. It took me time to learn and implement strategies that allowed me to reduce my hours and up my focus. Now I support others so they don’t make the same mistakes I did. I teach how to build an effective and efficient business to work LESS to BE more!

I love to use my problem-solving and analytical skills, along with my passion for efficient working, to help my clients SAVE TIME, increase PRODUCTIVITY and feel empowered to grow their dream business strategicallywithout sacrifice.

My clients learn how to take aligned action that makes the most impact based on their own unique rhythm, needs and goals. I can’t wait show you how to bring focus, intention, purpose and joy into your busy life – to transform the way you do business, create more impact + income and smash those goals!

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Take the first step today!

Drop me a line NOW if you want to make your vision a reality but are unsure where to start or how I could help.

Nothing changes if nothing changes!

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